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Exhibitions are defined as any exhibit where at least one work was displayed. This Section is divided into all known lifetime exhibitions and posthumous exhibitions. Every exhibition listed is documented by a catalogue, archival material, or relevant literature references.

1908                   Vienna Künstlerhaus  Jubiläumausstellung(Anniversary) March 21?

                            Salon d’ Automne, Paris

1909                    Austrian Association of Artists, Künstlerhaus

1911                     38th Exhibition Vienna Secession

1912                     Dresden Great Art International Exhibition

                            Heinemann Gallery, Munich, Germany.

                            41st Vienna Secession, Austria: June 1912

                            Centennial Exhibition - Sonderbund, Cologne, Germany



1913                     43rd Vienna Secession Jan.-Feb., 1913

                             Düsseldorf, Germany.

                             Wiener Künstler im Művészház, Budapest, Hungary- March 1913

                             Hagenbund, Folkwang Museum

                             International Black & White Exhibition, Vienna - Dec. 1913


1914                    Cologne, Germany; Organized by the art dealer Osthaus-presumably 1912

                            Second International Art Exhibition of the Secession, Rome, Feb.- June 1914


1915                    Hagenbund Kunstschau (Art Show)


1916                    Kunstschau, Berlin Secession: Jan-Feb, 1916. (Harta mistakenly dates this 1917 in his   



1917                    Kriegsausstellung (War Exhibition), Vienna





1918                  49th Vienna Secession, March, 1918

                          Kriegsausstellung(War Exhibition), Vienna

                          33rd Annual Exhibition Kunstverein, Salzburg

                          Höllrigl Bookstore, Salzburg-Mid Autumn of 1918.


                          Zürich: August 1918


                          Ausstellung KPQ, Budapest

                          52nd Exhibition Vienna Secession: Dec, 1918-Jan, 1919


1919                  Easter Exhibition Salzburger Künstlerhaus: April, 1919

                          Salzburg Art Month Exhibition, Linz, Austria: August, 1919

                          Sonderbund at Miethke Art Salon, Vienna, June, 1919

                          1st Exhibition “Der Wassermann”, Salzburg, August, 3rd, 1919

                          Salzburg Kunstverein, Ostern

                          Ostern, Vienna “Das Neue Auge” (The New Eye)

                          Bern and Golz, Germany


1920                Neue Galerie, Salzburg

                         Gallery Würthle, Vienna

                            Austrian Museum for Art and Inquiry, Kunstschau: June-September, 1920.

                         KUWO(Kunstwoche)-Art Week

                         2nd Wassermann Exhibition, Salzburg: August 20th, 1920

                         The Ring Autumn Exhibition

                         Sonderbund, Winterthurs, Switerland: Nov, 1920

1921                 Neue Secession, Munich, Germany

                         Gallery Würthle, Vienna

                         38th Hagenbund Exhibition, March-April 1921

                         Exhibition in Genf

                         Exhibition in Bern

                         Kunstverein, Salzburg

                         VII. Exhibition. Galerie von Garvens, Hanover, Germany. May 5-June 15, Watercolors and  


                         Neue Galerie, Salzburg

                         3rd Wassermann (International Black & White Exhibition), Salzburg

                         41st Berlin Secession: Oct. 1921


1922                 Düsseldorf, Germany

                         Berlin Secession

                         41st Exhibition Hagenbund, Vienna April-June 1922

                         Kunstverein, Salzburg

                         Wittek Gallery, Salzburg: August 1922

                         Gallery Würthle, Vienna: October 1922


1923                 Milan, Italy

                         Künstlerhaus, Vienna

                            2nd Exhibition Galerie Flechtheim and Galerie Würthle: Nov 28-December 1923.

                         45th Exhibition Hagenbund(Graphics Fall Exhibition), Dec, 23-Jan, 24


1924                 Portrait Exhibition, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, March 1924

                         Gallery Würthle, Vienna

                         Kristallgalerie (Crystal Gallery)


1925                 Gallery Würthle, Vienna

                         Biennale Romana, Rome, Italy

                         Aächen, Germany

                         Künstlerhaus, Nuremberg, Germany, Mai-Juni 1925

                         Künstlerhaus, Vienna

                         Representativ Kepsomuveszeti Kiallitas, Budapest, Hungary

                         50th Exhibition Hagenbund, May- June 1925

                         Kunst in Volk (Art to the People)  


1926                Künstlerhaus, Vienna: April 1926  

                         Vienna Secession       

                         51st Berlin Secession

                         Salon du Franc, Paris

                         Salon D’Automne, Paris


1927                 Tuileries, Paris

                         International Exposition, Bordeaux, France

                         St. Pölten, Austria

                         Moravian-Ostrava, Kunstverein

                         KIV (Art to the People)

                         55th Hagenbund Exhibition: Dec. 1927

                         Pressburg, Germany

                         Christmas Exhibition, Galerie Würthle                         



                        Art Exhibition of the Central Union of Austrian      
                        Visual Artists in Katowice, Poland, Feb-March

                         Galerie Lechner, Vienna

                         Nuremberg, Germany

                         Galerie Würthle, Vienna

                         East , Community in the Aula Academica, Sbg.

                         56th Hagenbund with a Collection by F.A. HartaJune 1-mid July

                         Bratislava, Slovakia

                         Elbenfeld, Germany(now Elberfeld)

                         Frankfurt, Germany

                         Mannheim, Germany Kunstverein

                         Chicago, USA

                         KIV in the Josefsstadt, Vienna

                         Austrian Painting & Architecture From 1900 to
                        Today at Obecni dúm Prag Sept 8-Oct 7

                         Memorial Exhibition Egon Schiele, Vienna Oct 15-Nov

                         Preßurg, (Bratislavia, Slovakia)

                         Alle Gesellschaft: Society for the Promotion
                        of Modern Art

                         Deutsche Gesandtschaft(German Legation), Dec 1-4

                         Möbelausstellung-Furniture Exhibition

                         57th Hagenbund Exhibition December

                         Elida Prize for the Most Beautiful Austrian
                        Female Portrait Dec 10-18

1929                Nuremberg, Germany

                        Sport in Der Deutschen Kunst, May 1929 (1 Oil)

                        Gallery Würthle, Vienna

                        58th Hagenbund Exhibition: From May 25th 1929

                        Hagenbund, Obecni dum Prague: September 1 - 29, 1929.

                        International Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain: July 16 - July 30 1929

                        59th Fall Graphics Exhibition of the Hagenbund: Nov. 11 -Dec. 3 1929

                        Magdeburg, Germany

                           Leipzig Kunsthandlung(Art Dealers) Beyer & Sohn

                        Bamberg 1929/1930

1930                Society for the Promotion of Modern Art, Kunst- Künstlerhaus, March - May 1930

                        Mährish-Ostrau Art Association: Portrait of the Modern Woman, March, 1930.

                        Karlstadt, Germany

                        Kattowitz, Poland and Raun, Austria             

                        60th Exhibition of the Hagenbund: April 23 - May 19, 1930

                        Zacheta Narodowa Galeria Sztuki, Warsaw, Poland

                        Niederösterreich im Bild (Lower Austria in the Picture)

                        International Art Exhibition, Karlsbad, Germany: June - September 1930

                        Graphic Exhibition, Zeithalle Vienna: Dec. 5 -31, 1930

                        Bochum, Germany

                        Barmen, Germany

                        Exhibition of Modern Austrian Paintings in the USA  E. and A. Silbermann Gallery, New

                        York: December, 1930

                        Traveling Exhibition in the U.S.

                        Modern Austrian Painting: Works in Exhibition, Renaissance Society, Chicago, USA, Oct 

                        7-Oct 26, 1930.


1931                European Sculpture, Hagenbund (Harta designed the poster)

                       Austrian Exhibition: Art and Applied Art, Bern, Switzerland: Feb. 22- April 5, 1931

                       62nd Hagenbund Exhibition: May 9 - June 1931.

                       2nd International Art Exhibition, Karlsbad, Germany: July 19 -Sept. 30, 1931

                       Das Neue Fresko (The New Frescoe), Felsenreitschule, Salzburg: August 1931

                       63rd Hagenbund Graphics Exhibition: From Nov. 11, 1931

                       Modern Austrian Painting, Zeithalle, Vienna (Hagenbund) Dec. 12, 1931 - Jan. 1932

1932               Künstlerhaus Portrait Exhibition

                       International Caricature Exhibition, Künstlerhaus,Vienna

                       Brno, Czech Republic (in German as Brünn in Harta’s WV)

                       64th Exhibition of the Hagenbund: Thematic Collection “The Child” May 1 - June 30, 1932

                       Summer Exhibition of the Hagenbund: From July 1932

                       65th Exhibition of the Hagenbund: From Nov. 13th 1932

                       Galerie Würthle, Vienna

                       Barcelona, Spain

1933               International Graphics Exhibition “The Dance” Gothic to the                   

                       Present (“Der Tanz”): January 29th -March 1933

                       Galerie Würthle, Vienna, Around April.

                        66th Exhibition of the Hagenbund (Harta designed the poster): March 18 -April 9, 1933

                       Medieval Religious Sculpture From Austria, Hagenbund, Vienna: August 31 - October, 1933

                       67th Exhibition of the Hagenbund, Member’s Graphics: Dec. 1933


1934               68th Exhibition of the Hagenbund (Harta, member Hanging Committee)

                        Biennale, Venice: April 8 - May 3, 1934

                       Atelier Visits as Part of the 8th Viennese Festival Week

                       (Harta created the poster): June 7 - 24, 1934

                       The Poster As Work of Art, International Exhibition, Hagenbund

                       1st Competitive Exhibition for the Austrian State Prize 1934: Nov. 17, 1934 - Jan. 6, 1935


1935               69th Hagenbund Exhibition: From January 1935

                       Ravag Prize Exhibition, Künstlerhaus, Vienna: March 12 -31, 1935

                       70th Hagenbund Exhibition: 35 Years Hagenbund: May 9 - June 1935


1936              Kunstverein -Mährisch-Ostrau, Moravia January, 1936 (lectured on the problems of painting

                       especially portraiture.)


1937-38***   Harta ‘s exhibition activity was impacted first by the Anschluss, then in 1938, by a fire in the

                      Neue Galerie on the 5th  floor of the Schwarz Department store, where many of his pictures

                      were destroyed. Effective, March 19th, 1938, artists who had a Jewish background were

                      informed that they no longer  were members of the Hagenbund. This was known as the

                      Aryan Clause. In June, 1939, he emigrates with his wife Elisabeth to England as a “forced


1939               Christmas Exhibition, Empire State Building, N.Y.C.

                          First Group Exhibition of German, Austrian, Czechoslovakian Painters

                       and Sculptors. Organized by the Free German League of Culture at the

                       Wertheim Gallery


1942               Solo Exhibitions – Heffer Galleries, Cambridge, England, Feb 2-14th, 1942,

                       and March 12-24th.


1945              Austrian Artists in Great Britain, Foyles Gallery, London


1950               Der Weg ins Helle (The Way into Light) -Kunstverein, Salzburg


1953               America House, Salzburg


1954               Künstlerhaus, Collective Solo Exhibition 70th Birthday, Salzburg


1955               69th Annual Salzburg Kunstverein

                       Staatsdruckerei Collective Exhibition, Vienna


1956               International Portrait Exhibition, Künstlerhaus, & Residenz Salzburg: July 19 -                        

                       August 26, 1956


1958                State Theater Foyer and other rooms, Salzburg

1959               Künstlerbund Mirabell-Casino, Salzburg -Solo Exhibition: June 11, 1959

1964               80th Anniversary exhibition, Kunstverein, Salzburg-Solo Exhibition May 1964


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