The Austrian painter, Felix Albrecht Harta (1884 – 1967) was ubiquitous within Austrian Expressionism. Despite two World Wars, and forced emigration, he established a formidable reputation as a leading proponent not only of Austrian Art , but also as an active and ardent supporter of culture within Austria. Despite his achievements, there is no one unifying book or publication that describes his life and work. Harta works and references remain scattered across the world-wide web, and no formal publication describing his oeuvre or cataloging his works exists. Nevertheless, in 1991, Edith Baumgartner seeing a void in research, presented a doctoral dissertation for her Ph.D. from the University of Salzburg on the life and work of Harta. Unfortunately, this massive thesis in two volumes  was never presented for formal publication.


Over a year ago, I began translating the dissertation from German to English as well as numerous exhibition catalogs with the intent to leave a legacy for my children. Fortuitously, and unbeknownst to me two astute curators, Eva Jandl-Jörg (Salzburg Museum), and Kerstin Jesse (Belvedere Museum, Vienna) recognized a gap, and curated a groundbreaking exhibition: “Faistauer, Schiele, Harta & Co: Painting Unites Us.” This exhibition broke new ground because two distinguished museums collaborated, focusing on several key themes that characterized Harta, and his artistic peers within the period directly after World War I. Therefore, it’s the goal of this website to attempt to present  Harta’s works within one place, as well as to update, correct, and add to Baumgartner's created catalog that was completed in 1991. The first phase of this site will catalog Harta’s oil paintings from 1903 up to 1963. Baumgartner cataloged approximately 338 oil paintings, and this catalog has added 83 addtional Oils. Harta's large volume of graphic works currently is being catalogued. It also is the intent that the work here will represent a baseline that a Museum can develop into a formal published catalog raisonne. The site is intended for a general audience but also can be utilized by art museum curators, dealers, directors, and historians. I trust you will enjoy it as much as I have.   -Larry Heller


1. Baumgartner, Edith K.: Felix Albrecht Harta (1884 -1967), Dissertation for a Doctorate, University of Salzburg, 1991.