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One cannot organize such a vast body of work without the cooperation of curators, art dealers, collectors, historians, and friends.  The following lists all who have assisted me in this project. I am eternally grateful for their follow-up, knowledge, and support. This work would not be possible without acknowledging the initial research by Edith Karolina Baumgartner who sadly and recently passed away. We owe her a special debt for devoting ten years of her life to reveal a wealth of previously unknown material on Harta. I am fortunate that I was able to meet with her in Salzburg, and discuss my grandfather, and his contribution to Austrian Expressionism. A special thank you goes to my son, Thomas Heller, who has greatly contributed, especially regarding the technical aspects of the website. A special mention goes to Dr. Felizitas Schreier, President of the Klimt Society who has graced me with her friendship, and knowledge, and always seems to be there. I must mention Dr. Franziska Lettowsky who made it convienient for me to access Harta’s papers in the Archive of the Salzburg Festival. Dr. Eva-Jandl-Jörg from the Salzburg Museumalso provided valuable assistance. A huge improvement in the website occurred when I began working with Stefan Üner, whose expertise in cataloging is invaluable.Finally, a big hug and kiss to my partner for life, Penny who has to listen to me chirp on a daily basis regarding the challenges of building and improving this site.



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